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Founded in 1993, Ogusuku and Bley Law Firm aims to provide high quality legal services with excellence in the most diverse areas of Corporate Law.

The law firm Ogusuku and Bley is active in the field of Tax, Work and Business Law, with the goal of meeting all the needs of companies, their directors, partners and shareholders.

Ogusuku and Bley Law Firm, have as a characteristic the differentiated provision of services, serving their clients in a specific and personalized way.

To maintain the maximum efficiency in the service, they count on a vast team of specialized professionals. The office constantly strives for technical improvement, for this it invests in the training of its professionals. The office has a large library, in addition to being noted for the use of state-of-the-art technological resources in carrying out work and in the relationship with the client.

Headquartered in Sorocaba, Ogusuku and Bley Law Firm serves clients throughout the country, concentrating its efforts on the total quality of its work, professional excellence and ethical conduct, focusing on legal technique and agility and efficiency in serving the clients.


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Our Mission

The Ogusuku and Bley Law Firm’s mission is to preserve values, exercise the profession with competence, ethics, providing personalized and differentiated legal assistance to its clients.

Our values are based on ethics, transparency and respect for the law. With committed professionals who truly care about the Customer and their interests, always seeking to serve, with enthusiasm, to achieve their results.