Tax law

The professionals at Ogusuku and Bley Law firm have practical and theoretical training that enable them to work in the various branches of tax law, efficiently meeting the needs of their clients.

The Tax Law Department is divided into two areas: litigation and advisory, planning.

Litigation and Advisory department is responsible for the elaboration of tax defenses, the sponsorship of preventive and ostensible lawsuits against the requirement of undue taxes, judicial and administrative recovery of unduly collected taxes, deconstitution of tax debts, defense in fiscal foreclosures and monitoring and defense in criminal proceedings against the tax order. The Planning department acts in order to reduce the tax burden on clients’ activity, through the adoption of licit procedures. In addition, it develops special tax regimes, formulates and establishes consultations, conducts the administration and reengineering of fiscal liabilities.

This Department is also responsible for drafting opinions regarding changes and application of tax legislation, keeping its clients always up to date.

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Business Law

The Business Law Department of Ogusuku and Bley law firm, develops corporate contractual management, aiming at the elaboration and review of Social Contracts and Bylaws, the creation of companies and the reengineering of legal entities under private law. It is capable of promoting corporate reorganization, mergers, divisions, mergers and successions, as well as the opening of share capital in joint-stock companies.

It acts in the elaboration of opinions and in judicial discussions that have for objective all the modalities of civil and mercantile contracts, including, international contracts, besides acting in all contentious area involving titles of credit. Prepares plans for judicial recovery of companies proposing and monitoring actions, in addition to enabling the extrajudicial recovery of companies.

In the field of Banking Law, the firm examines the contracts, promotes judicial review and the administration of liabilities.

With extensive experience in consumer law, the Ogusuku and Bley Law Firm promotes the adequacy of corporate activities ace standards of the Consumer Protection Code, parameterizing procedures and creating routines in order to reduce risk to customers.

The Department also acts in compensation actions for material and moral damages, in promotion and defense, and in public civil actions.

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Work Law

The Work Law Department of Ogusuku and Bley Law Firm seeks to defend, in an efficient and agile way, the interests of companies in all matters involving the employee-company relationship. The Labor area acts in the defense of proposed lawsuits against the companies, in defense of administrative assessments of the Organs of the Ministry of Labor; legally advises the Human Resources Department of the companies, aiming at the adaptation of the work routines to the CLT and other current legal norms, acting in a way to prevent and avoid the lawsuits.

In addition, it elaborates and revises labor contracts, accompanies and guides the clients in the accomplishment of agreements and collective bargaining with Trade Unions, Associations and Labor Delegates.

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Legal Management

Ogusuku & Bley has developed a department that deals with the administration and solution of all legal issues of business interest, due to the needs of the market and the increasing hiring of specialized professionals to facilitate the work in various areas of management.

Promotes the outsourcing and management of legal departments of large and medium-sized corporations, encompassing the organization of the department and resolution of all legal problems inherent to the company, as well as the implementation of process control technology and contract making and opinions, through the hiring of highly qualified and knowledgeable of the routines of large business conglomerates.

This experience in Legal Administration has consolidated Ogusuku & Bley as a company ready to serve this market, whose practice of outsourcing optimizes the solution of legal issues faced by organizations, minimizing their costs.

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