Being socially responsible implies transforming all the values we believe in into a daily practice that guides our attitudes in each relationship we develop.
Social responsibility
Although our business is focused on providing legal advisory with excellence, serving our clients with ethics and transparency, our purpose goes far beyond.
We seek to help strengthen Brazilian society through actions linked to diversity, culture and education. This includes investments via tax waiver.

Our professionals regularly participate in voluntary activities, which foster and support the development of other individuals, contributing not only to the growth of the firm and each of its members, but also to the growth of our country.

At the law firm, we do not use disposable cups or straws, we have an electronic document management system, avoiding the use of paper as much as possible, we carry out and encourage pro-bono advocacy and we actively collaborate with not-for-profit social projects , such as Instituto Magnus and Associação Amigos dos Autistas de Sorocaba (AMAS).